Kyosho 1/10 4WD Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE
Kyosho 1/10 4WD Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE
Kyosho 1/10 4WD Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE
Kyosho 1/10 4WD Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE
Kyosho 1/10 4WD Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE

Kyosho 1/10 4WD Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE

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1/10 4WD Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE

Enhanced scale features of the American street van styled FAZER Mk2 MAD VAN combine with a 50% increase in maximum speed with the change to brushless motor power in this 1/10 scale VE model. In place of the conventional G14L brushed motor, the new model combines the powerful TORX 10E brushless motor with BRAINZ 10 speed controller to lift the maximum speed from 40km/h to 60km/h. To manage the extra power and RPM, gears have been reinforced and reduction ratio optimized on the FZ02L-BT chassis base, which now incorporates the previously optional aluminum HD center shaft L. In addition to chassis improvements, the body styling has also received a 3-D enhancement with molded resin grille and lights replacing decals, and a roof guard has been added to protect the body from rollovers. With elevated performance and appearance, you can experience the exhilaration of running wild at high speed with the MAD VAN VE.


Long-type upper and lower suspension arms equipped with oil shocks for front and rear provide a sufficient stroke and secure damping force. Ball-connected left-right interchangeable steering knuckles realize smooth operation and crash resistance. Optional aluminum HD center shaft (No. FAW210) is standard equipment to support the power of brushless motor.


The TORX 10E brushless motor generates enough power for gentle wheelies with the big body and tires. Sealed motorcase prevents dirt and dust from getting into the motor and gearbox.


Includes BRAINZ 10 speed controller equipped with cooling fan, for brushless motors. Able to be programmed for specific purposes.


Gearbox incorporates high-strength sintered metal gears. In addition to new material, the final gear ratio has been changed to low gear to fully utilize the power of the brushless motor. The machined steel pinion gear has also been strengthened.


Large diameter tires produce high grip on any road surface. The kit comes with pre-glued wheels so you can hit the ground running. To match the new-look chassis, wheels have been changed to white and match nicely with the body.


VE model features a wheelie bar to prevent flipping over when doing wheelies. With the power of the brushless motor, the dynamic acceleration lifts the front wheels and the chassis runs on its rear wheels (wheelie).




Pre-assembled chassis is sold as a Readyset including installed R/C system and pistol-grip transmitter. Battery for the chassis and charger are sold separately

Includes Syncro KT-231P+ pistol-grip transmitter with various custom setting adjustments

Robust construction of the full-time 4WD FZ02L-BT chassis is tough enough to handle the hard punishment of rough-road bashing

Full ball bearing specifications improve drive efficiency and durability

Includes American-style van body that has been enhanced with an even greater level of scale detail.

Equipped with Front and Rear light buckets compatible with optional No. 97054-4CR LED Light unit which is sold separately.By installing the LED light unit, improves scale realism for body shell.



Length 460mm

Width 323mm

Height 197mm

Wheelbase 274mm

Gear Ratio 11.803:1

Tires (F/R) F:110x70mm/R:110x70mm