Maverick ION XB 1/18 RTR Electric Buggy
Maverick ION XB 1/18 RTR Electric Buggy
Maverick ION XB 1/18 RTR Electric Buggy
Maverick ION XB 1/18 RTR Electric Buggy

Maverick ION XB 1/18 RTR Electric Buggy

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ION XB 1/18 RTR Electric Buggy

This 1/18th scale buggy gives you the thrilling excitement of much larger RC buggies in a package that fits in the palm of your hand! Waterproof electronics, 4WD grip and large off-road tires mean you can turn anywhere you go into your own RC playground!


A strong shaft drivetrain and sealed gear differentials get the power to the ground through all four wheels for amazing stability and handling. Sharing many of the same parts as other vehicles in the iON range, the iON XB is fitted with a sleek, aerodynamic racing buggy body and a large rear wing for added traction. Low-profile studded rubber tires provide grip and control, aided by oil-filled shock absorbers.


The Maverick iON range also features electronics that lead the way with fantastic top-spec features: a Maverick Element 1200mAh Ni-MH battery with a universal charger, MTX-248 2.GHz radio and a 2-in-1 waterproof MSRS-248 receiver/speed controller. Impressive top speed and acceleration is provided by the 370-size motor for outstanding fun and racing action!


The motor fitted in the Maverick iON XB is the reliable MM-28 370-size motor, so drivers can keep having fun for hours and hours! The 4WD drivetrain uses ball bearings throughout to give drivers maximum runtime and efficiency, and features a molded gear cover to keep dirt and debris away from the gears. Front and rear gear differentials easily transfer the motor's power to durable driveshafts and finally to the grippy rubber wheels at all four corners.




Molded spur gear cover and sealed shaft drivetrain Protects the gears from rocks and dirt

Gold anodized aluminum parts extra-cool styling to impress your friends!

Durable racing buggy suspension for truly impressive handling

Tough composite tub chassis provides a solid base for the suspension and drivetrain

Strong suspension components robust design keeps you driving

Ball bearings throughout for increased runtime and durability

Large molded rear wing for extra rear traction and performance

Real oil-filled shock absorbers provide extra traction and control

Twin bellcrank steering for accurate steering and control

Shaft 4WD drivetrain gives you secure handling and impressive acceleration